Grilled Wide Noodle YUMEI 370g

与美 SKU: IN6952395706385
Grilled Wide Noodle YUMEI 370g

Grilled Wide Noodle YUMEI 370g

与美 SKU: IN6952395706385
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Grilled Wide Noodle YUMEI 370g



(DK)Nudelpose:Vand(36%),Sød Kartoffelstivelse(27,5%),Tapiokastivelse, Bregnerodspulver,Sojaolie, Salt,Syre(E330);Syltet Majroepose:Majroe(45%),Sojaolie, Sukker,Salt,Chili,Gærekstrakt,Stjerneanis, Spidskommen,Kanel,Kardemomme, Sand Ingefær,Smagsforstærker(E621,E635),Fortykningsmiddel (E415,E412), Surhedsregulator (E575,E270),C-Vitamin,Antioxidant(E316),Konserveringsmiddel(E202); Krydderipulver: Chilipulver(42%),Sesam,Jordnøddepulver,Sojabønnepulver, Spidskommenpulver, Sukker,Sichuan Peberpulver,Stjerneanis,Spidskommen,Kanel, Kardemomme,Sand Ingefær, Smagsforbedring(E621);Saucebag:Vand(34%),Sojaolie, Glukose,Salt, Bredbønnepast(Chili, Bredbønne,Hvedemel),Sød Sojabønnepasta,Sukker, Smagsstoffer, Smagsforstærker(E621,E635), Konserveringsmiddel(E202), Mælkesyrestreptokokker

(EN)Noodle Bag:Water(36%),Sweet Potato Starch(27,5%),Tapioca Starch,Fern Root Powder,Soy Oil, Salt,Acid(E330);Pickled Turnip Bag:Turnip(45%),Soy Oil,Sugar,Salt, Chili,Yeast Extract,Star Anise, Cumin,Cinnamon,Cardamom,Sand Ginger,Flavour Enhancer(E621,E635),Thickener(E415,E412), Acidity Regulator(E575,E270),Vitamin C,Antioxidant(E316),Preservative(E202);Seasoning Powder: Chili Powder(42%),Sesame, Peanut Powder,Soybean Powder,Cumin Powder,Sugar,Sichuan Pepper Powder,Star Anise,Cumin,Cinnamon,Cardamom,Sand Ginger,Flavour Enhance(E621);SauceBag: Water(34%),Soy Oil,Glucose,Salt,Broadbean Paste(Chili,Broadbean,Wheat Flour),Sweet Soybean Paste,Sugar,Flavorings,Flavour Enhancer(E621,E635),Preservative(E202),Lactic Streptococci


Nettovægt/Net Weight:370g

Bedst Før/Best Before:Se pakke/See package

Produkt Af/Product Of:Kina/China


Opbevaringstilstand:Opbevares på et tørt og køligt sted væk fra høj temperatur og direkte sollys

Storage Condition:Store in dry and cool place away from high temperature and direct sunlight

Importør/Importer:Yokoso A/S,Lyongade 21,2300 København S,DK


Næringsfakta/Nutrition Facts:

Ernæringsfakta pr/Nutrition Facts per




Total Fedt/Total Fat


Heraf Mættede Fedtsyrer/Of Which Saturated Fatty Acids


Samlet Kulhydrat/Total Carbohydrate


Heraf Sukker/Of Which Sugar








Grilled Wide Noodles is a dish that is popular in China, and can be found in most night fairs or made at home. It is usually consumed as a side dish or main dish, and is often served at gatherings and celebrations.


1.Brush oil on a pan,place the wide noodle on the pan.

2.Brush noodles with sauce, turn it over until you see bubbles on surface of the noodle.

3.Sprinkle noodles with seasoning powder, then add pickled radish(or other favorite toppings) and wrap. Grilled another one or two minutes then it can be served.

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